Leica TS02 – Setting / Changing the Point ID

Leica TS02 Tutorial | Setting/Changing the Point ID

Changing the point ID on your Leica TS02 is an important element of using the machine to ensure that your data is organised when it has been exported to CAD. The point ID is crucial in separating data. For example, you wouldn’t want to have your walls and spot heights on the same point ID as it will make it difficult when you get back to the office to differentiate between the 2.

To change the point ID you will need to be on the survey screen as per below:

Leica TS02 tutorial - changing the equipment ID

The first row you will see is the “PT ID” row. This is the line that you will edit to change your point IDs. Simply scroll down to the row and using the Input key change the point ID to whatever you want to label the point as. At THS Concepts we have a standard list of code points we use such as WL = Walls, LP = Lamp Posts, SH= Spot Heights etc. Having a shorter code list saves time on site by avoiding putting in the full word such as “spot heights”.

As you take more points you will notice that each point has consecutive number places after. So if you take a number of wall points the PT ID may display WL5 then WL6 etc. This is normal practise and will mean that when your data has been exported each point has its own unique reference.

When you move location within the same survey you may think that you will have to give a unique PT ID to save overwriting the existing data. However, if you type in “WL” again and start surveying then points will not override, it will just mean that your data will have 2 lots of points called “WL” or “WL5”, “WL6” etc. On complicated surveys, it may be good practise to prefix the code with a number such as in “1.WL” and when you move location again,”2.WL” etc.

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