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We provide Land Registry-compliant title plans for solicitors and clients across London and the South East.


A title plan is a small-scale drawing depicting the ownership of a registered title, produced in order to support the property description. All registered titles must be Land Registry-compliant and accompanied by a title plan to correctly define the freehold boundaries of a site, as well as easements, covenants and other references.

The Land Registration Rules of 2003 state that a registered estate must contain a description and refer to a plan based on the Ordnance Survey map, otherwise known as a title plan. This drawing is required whenever a property is registered and is often needed if a plot of land is to be subdivided – a common procedure today given a growing population and increased demand for housing.

THS Concepts can undertake an external survey of your property to accurately determine the existing boundary and building positions, allowing us to position your site on the Ordnance Survey map. Alternatively, if no survey is required, we are able to simply acquire an Ordnance Survey plan and annotate it accordingly, providing you with a huge cost saving and quicker turnaround. We are keen to ensure our clients have an easy and stress-free experience so we are happy to liaise directly with your solicitor.

When you are 100% satisfied with the drawing we can issue the title plan to you via email or printed and posted complimentary.

We have worked with legal practitioners, developers and homeowners alike for over 5 years, generating high-quality Land Registry-compliant title plans quickly and for a competitive price. Title plans in instances where a survey is not required can be dispatched speedily – occasionally within 24 hours of your enquiry.

THS Concepts have abundant experience with many forms of title plan, ranging from small dwellings to vast agricultural sites. Our advanced equipment gives us the prospect of surveying enormous plots of land, which combined with our professional, reliable and knowledgeable team creates the favoured choice of many Solicitors and landowners in the South East of England.


“They were reasonably priced, very efficient and generally very nice to work with.”

Why Choose THS Concepts?

What Will I Receive?

PDF Drawings Usually in printer-friendly A3 / A4 format

High Quality Printed Drawings Free of charge if requested

Site Photos If required providing a survey has taken place

You can rest assured we include all the necessary requirements including north arrows, scale bars, appropriate notes and scaled plans.

Why Use THS Concepts?

With countless title plans already generated for a loyal clientele of legal professionals, we appreciate the necessity for accurate, comprehensive and legible drawings in conjunction with professional customer service.

Have peace of mind that we provide plans for some of the biggest firms in the South East, repeatedly employing us for our promptness, affordable prices and knowledge of the job at hand.

Where Do You Operate?

We regularly serve London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Sussex & Hertfordshire, but can offer clients with our services across the UK and internationally.

What Are Your Prices / Turnaround Times

Title plans generally cost our customers between £75 and £400 per property, dependant on the scale and intricacy of the site.

We usually complete drawings within 7 working days of the survey or earlier if no visit is required. Once you have approved our quote we typically have a 2 week lead-in time although a 24-hour turnaround can sometimes be untaken when no survey required.

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Let us know a little bit of information about your project and we can provide a fixed price quote with our next available survey date.

If you aren’t sure on what you require, we are happy to provide assistance and talk you through the process. Just give us a call or send us a message.