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Tutorials for top surveying equipment such as the Leicia TS02, plus information about the ins and outs of carrying out surveys.

Topograpical Land Surveying Introduction

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Topographical Land Survey Introduction A topographical land survey (also called a land survey, topographical survey or topo survey) is a crucial part of any construction project. They note the exact location and specifications of exterior features of your property, including human-made features (boundaries, neighbouring buildings, walkways etc.), plus smaller details (manholes, drains, fences, lamp posts, etc.) [...]

Below the Ground Structures and Why You Need Yours Surveyed

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Below the Ground Structures... and Why You Need Yours Surveyed Below the ground structures, or underground structures, are a large part of everyday life. They require slightly different planning than above the ground structures as it's important to consider the ramifications of working underground and moving soil around. Below the ground structures include basements, [...]

Measured Survey Specification Example

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Measured Survey Specification Example A decent measured building surveyor can offer advice on what they think your measured building survey will include When hiring a measured building survey company to produce drawings of your property it is important they are aware of exactly what is required. This can include elements such as extent and location [...]

3 Important Reasons You Need A Measured Survey to Plan Your Development

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3 Reasons You Need a Measured Survey to Plan Your Development Written By: Tom Ayre  A measured building survey is undertaken to produce detailed CAD drawings such as floor plans, elevations and section drawings of a property. Survey tools include anything from basic tape measures up to complex pieces of surveying equipment [...]